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Introducing: Pro Audio Files On Demand
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Introducing: Pro Audio Files On Demand
After helping over 9,642 musicians and producers like you, we've discovered...
How to Escape the DAW "Rabbit Hole" and Start Crafting Remarkable Mixes
Introducing the "Netflix of Mixing" — Now anyone can become a more competent, more confident mixer and achieve a pro sound in record time!
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The 3 Secrets You Need to Know
Let’s be honest...

You didn’t put all that effort into your studio to end up with mixes that sound just “okay."

You know your music projects deserve better. So why be satisfied with a crappy mix?

The good news?

There are only 3 secrets to getting a pro sound quickly:
  • SECRET 1: The #1 reason your tracks are falling flat is your MIX...
  • SECRET 2: The LESS time you spend on a mix, the better...
  • SECRET 3: You don’t need to have a perfect room or expensive gear (in fact, it’s better if you don’t)...
I’ll explain each one.

I’ll also share what you can do today to become a more skilled and more confident mixer without having to spend years struggling, buying expensive gear, or driving yourself crazy in the process.

First, a quick story you might find helpful...
The SELFISH Reason I Started This Site
Dan here, founder of the Pro Audio Files.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a "natural" when it comes to mixing. I’m a drummer at heart...
Dan Comerchero
…so when I came to music school, one thing drove me crazy:

How can some people make mixing seem so... effortless?

Real talk? It p*ssed me off!

My teachers couldn’t tell me. My friends only shared bits and pieces. I researched online but I didn’t know whose advice to trust.

So I took matters into my own hands—

I managed to convince a few pro engineers to write articles… on the topics I was struggling with… and The Pro Audio Files was born!

Fast forward to today, the site is one of the most trusted pro audio resources for millions of musicians, producers, and engineers of all genres & levels from around the world.

I mention all this because you will NOT have to go through all of that! It will be much easier and faster.

In fact, we created something absolutely unique. My friend recently called it the “Netflix of pro audio”, and I gotta say, that’s a pretty good description, as you’ll realize below.

But now let’s talk about the 3 secrets you need to know...
Secret #1: A Killer Mix is Your Unfair Advantage
If you’re anything like me, you know how frustrating this is:

You know your music projects have the potential to be something special.

But when your mixes sound dinky and unprofessional... people don’t even want to listen!

Artists & labels know this, too...

A GREAT mix can make crappy songs sound good (you know… like polishing a turd).

And likewise, a crappy mix can easily RUIN a great song.

Which is why the pros get paid the big bucks.


Whether you want to climb the client ladder… Or you’re just sick of your music not getting the attention it deserves…

Mixing is your unfair advantage.

And becoming the best mixer you can be is a smart move.

The question is... HOW?
Secret #2: Avoid the DAW "Rabbit Hole" at All Costs
I always believed that if I just spent enough time on it, I’d get a solid mix.

Maybe even impress a few people.

But I was WRONG.

No matter how much time I spent on a mix...

…it still sounded crappy.

Actually, it was worse than that.

Because the MORE time I spent on a mix, the WORSE it got.

In short: every time I fired up my DAW I went down the rabbit hole!

The REAL problem?

When you tinker with your mix for too long, you lose the essence of the song.

That’s why you MUST avoid this at all costs!

But it’s only possible if you have confidence in your mix decisions.

Deep down I knew there had to be a better way—and there is. But it might not be what you think... as I'll reveal in secret #3.
Secret #3: Expensive Gear Won't Fix Your Mix
I love gear.

So I thought I needed more... and more expensive gear. But it never made a real difference.

Turns out, I got it all backward!

You don’t need expensive gear. In fact, it’s better if you DON’T rely on it.

Here’s why:

When I first started drumming, I had a flimsy beginner kit. But it was a blessing in disguise…

…because I had a great teacher that taught me the right TECHNIQUE.

So what happened? I learned how to get the best sound out of my first kit. And then when I played on high-end drums… it sounded freaking amazing!

Mixing is the same. High-end gear will never fix your mix...

...and you will get better faster if you DON'T rely on it. But only if you learn how to trust your skills.

And that’s where The Pro Audio Files comes in!

Today I'm PUMPED to introduce...
The Pro Audio Files On Demand
Screenshot of Pro Audio Files On Demand Membership Site

As featured on

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NEW courses just added! See the list below...
Imagine Netflix... For Professional Mix Training!
With the Pro Audio Files On Demand you get instant access to 72+ step-by-step mixing courses from some of the most trusted instructors online. Start mastering your craft today, and experience what it’s like to…
  • Make mixing feel effortless while living up to industry standards (& your own high expectations)
  • ​Make a bigger income from music so you can work less in your day job (while still providing for your family) or...
  • Move up the client ladder and get higher quality, higher-paying clients that appreciate the value of professional engineers & studios
  • ​Finish more projects FASTER (without going down the "rabbit hole")
  • Understand the exact techniques that were used for specific sounds in popular songs (think step-by-step of "Here's how artist X got the vocal sound on this song")
  • ​Level up your sound design skills (so your compositions sounds less dinky & more professional)
  • ​Hone your ears to hear subtle changes, so you can make confident mix decisions without second-guessing yourself or wasting time
So What's Included?
Pro Audio Files course screenshots

 150+ hrs. of mix training in HD video

 Download 20+ multitrack sessions

On demand access from any device

New courses added every month

No special plugin or DAW is needed

Every level from beginner to advanced

 NEW: Free mix reviews included! 

 NEW BONUS: Get personal mix feedback from a pro!

We handpick professional mix instructors and scrupulously review every course to make sure it is designed to give you clear, step-by-step instructions for any mix, style, or genre!
Pro Tools
Mixing 101, Mix Essentials, Mixing with EQ, Mixing with Reverb, Mixing with Delay, Mixing with Compression, and more included in your membership!
Take the mystery out of compression with a surprisingly simple new approach to dynamics processing in Mixing with Compression.
Or dig into Mixing with EQ, Mixing with Reverb, and many more foundational courses for beginners and pros who want to master the essential mixing skills every engineer needs.
Pro Tools Mixing
Advanced Mixing, Mixing Home Recordings,
Mixing with Special FX, Multiband Compression (Workshop), Mixing Low End, and more—create your account to get instant access!
Watch insanely practical workshops and courses on advanced mixing topics like Cohesive Reverb, Automation Secrets, Multiband Compression, and more!
Or discover how to make home recordings sound on par with commercial records (or even better). 
Pro Tools Matthew Weiss
Mixing Drums, Acoustic Drums, 808s, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Mixing Vocals, Rap Vocals, and many more. Join to start watching now!
Not sure how to mix Vocals? Background Vocals? Rap Vocals? Acoustic Guitar? Electric Guitar? Bass? Banjo? Bongos? We got you covered...
...with dozens of instrument-specific training videos!
Mixing Rock, Hip-Hop, EDM, World, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Indie, Gospel, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Country,  and more included in your membership!
You'll also find courses for every genre you might be looking for.
So while you will learn valuable skills to make confident mix decisions across ANY genre, there is also specific training for Rock, Indie, Metal, Hip-Hop/R&B, Trap, EDM, Folk, Pop, Soundtrack, and many more subgenres.
Recording Electric Guitar course
Producing & Recording Electric Guitar, Synthesis 101, Mastering in the Box, and more... Join now to get instant access!
Plus, you will find multiple production-related courses on sound synthesis, sound design, and mastering.
No more wondering how this synth or that plugin works, or how to get your mixes to sound polished, loud, and professional!
All you need is a laptop and headphones!
Good news! All the training is focused on teaching valuable skills. This means you don't need any particular plugins, instruments, tools, or experience and you can use any DAW you like. What you learn will help you now and in the future as you keep learning and growing as a mixer and engineer.
Meet Your New Mixing Mentors
Danny Echevarria
Danny Echevarria
Danny Echevarria is a professional producer, audio engineer and composer based in Los Angeles.
Eric Tarr
Eric Tarr
Professor of Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont University in Nashville, TN
Philip Mantione
Phil Mantione
Los Angeles-based sound designer and composer, sampling & synthesis expert
David Glenn
David Glenn
Florida-based mix engineer (Redimi2, Blanca Callahan, Aimee Allen, and more)
Ian Vargo
Ian Vargo
Producer, mixing & mastering engineer for clients including Disney, EA, Best Buy, and more
Thomas Brett
Thomas Brett
Producer, Engineer & Writer (Soner Sarıkabadayı, Derya Uluğ, Sefo and Alper Erözer)
Next Week
To be announced
One of the most requested pros will be joining as a new instructor next week.
Coming Soon
To be announced
Another new instructor will be joining the site soon!
Coming Soon
To be announced
Another new instructor will be joining the site soon!
This is Your All-Access Pass!
As a member, you get every course from Danny Echevarria, Phil Mantione, Ian Vargo, and Thomas Brett. Plus, dozens of courses from David Glenn, Eric Tarr, and more.
Join Today... And Lock In The Lowest Price Ever
With 70+ courses and workshops at your fingertips, you could compare this membership to going to audio school.

One well-known school offers an online program that gets you 60 hours of virtual studio time... for $14,995!

To put that into perspective... You could join The Pro Audio Files On Demand for 32 years at that rate!

Your On Demand membership also gets you 70+ courses—that’s over 190+ hours of training! So you'll get MORE valuable "studio time" with actual pros than you would anywhere else, at a tiny fraction of the cost.

And you can do it at your own pace and schedule, from anywhere, at any time. Plus, almost every month we're adding new courses!

The best part? For a short time, we're lowering the price to join...

Right now you can join risk-free for only $49 a month. The price won't go up for as long as you stay a member, and you can cancel anytime. But the special pricing is ending soon!
Pro Audio Files On Demand
Your All Access Membership comes with a
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Today Only $49/Month
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Join Over 9,462 Happy Students
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BONUS: We Just Added Mix Reviews to Your Membership!
Yup, we'll help you get your mix right...

In addition to the on demand training, you also get personalized mix feedback from our pros!

Is your vocal too loud?

Low-end too muddy?

How can you make your chorus pop?

Just post your mix, and one of our pros will give you exact pointers on how to take your mix to the next level.
The Pro Audio Files Guarantee
We've helped thousands of engineers, producers, and musicians but...

What if it doesn't work for you?

Here's the deal:

I've built the Pro Audio Files over the past 10 years—I'm not going to ruin this site's reputation with a sub-par product.

That's why I stand behind the On Demand membership 100%.

You cancel at any time. And if you're unhappy with your membership for any reason send an email to within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund of your first month.

No questions asked.
Time to Decide: You Have 2 Options
And your choice you make today will affect your path as a mixer.

Option 1:

You can ignore everything you’ve read here and continue mixing the way you always have. You'll probably never come back to this page, and your mixes will sound the same as they always have:
  • You’ll keep going down the "rabbit hole" — and still getting mixes that you’re not truly happy with
  • You’ll keep getting the same reactions to your mixes from other people
  • ​You’ll keep getting the same caliber of clients (and charging the same rate) for your mixes

Option 2:

You can join Pro Audio Files On Demand for 30 days without any risk. Just watch the videos, use the mixing techniques, and soon you will realize you now have everything you need to:
  • Craft remarkable, pro-sounding mixes you're proud to share
  • Be confident about your skills because you know exactly what to do to get the sound you want
  • ​Leave your friends & clients speechless—so you can increase your rates and work on the projects you really want to
Most importantly, you’ll be able to create mixes that you’re proud of for the rest of your life.

But all of this will only happen if you join right now.
Special Offer Ends Soon!
Pro Audio Files On Demand 2
Your All Access Membership comes with a
No Risk Money-Back Guarantee
Normally $99/Month
Today Only $49/Month
Join over 9,642 happy students!
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Questions & Answers
How will I get access?
After you join, you'll get a link to login to the membership site and get instant access to all the courses, workshops, and downloadable sessions.
Which courses will I get access to?
As a member, you get every course from Danny Echevarria, Phil Mantione, Ian Vargo, Thomas Brett and Justin Colletti (coming this week). Plus, dozens of courses from David Glenn, Eric Tarr, and more.
Is the training only for Pro Tools?
Nope! While many of our pros mix in Pro Tools, the processes they teach are completely independent of any one particular DAW and will apply to Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Studio One and other similar platforms.
Do I need to own specific plugins?
Nope! Regardless of specific plugins or gear the techniques are demonstrated on, all courses are taught conceptually, so you can apply it to whatever gear you're working with for any situation you're in.
What genres are featured in the course?
Your membership covers virtually all genres. There are many genre-specific courses on mixing Rock, Indie-Rock, Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, Pop, and many more sub-genres. More importantly, you'll discover dozens of courses that teach techniques, strategies and mindsets that will easily apply to any genre, so your new skills transfer to every project.
What if I already own one of the courses?
Our membership is separate from individual courses. It's meant as an ongoing learning resource for musicians, producers, and engineers at an affordable monthly price. You get access to a library of 70+ courses and workshops, so even if you own one of the courses already, you'll get massive value from your membership.
How do I know when new courses are added?
As a member, you'll always see the newest releases when you log in. We'll also announce new releases ahead of time, and often give you early access before we release them to the public.
What's the difference between On Demand and downloadable courses?
Downloadable courses are one-time purchases. You buy the course once, and the videos and course files are yours to keep forever. On Demand is a monthly (or yearly) membership. When you join, you get unlimited streaming access to a wide variety of courses. You can't download the videos, but you can watch them at any time and download the course files. Plus, as a member, you get access to personal Mix Feedback from one of our contributors (1 mix each month).
Will it work for me?
I've built the Pro Audio Files over the past 10 years—I'm not going to ruin the site's reputation with a sub-par product. And I stand behind this membership 100%.

You can cancel at any time. And if you're unhappy with the membership for any reason, send an email to within 30 days, and we’ll refund your first month—no questions asked.
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Pro Audio Files On Demand 3 Devices
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Unlock Your Limited Time Offer:
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